The sofa is usually the central piece of living room furniture around which family life revolves. It is also the part of the interior design that catches the eye the most. That’s why, if you want to change something in your living room and don’t have the desire or the means for a general overhaul, just bet on a new sofa or a cover for an old piece of furniture. This will make a clear change that no visitor will miss!

Are you thinking about buying a new sofa? Or maybe the thought of investing in new sofa upholstery is on your mind? Our interior stylists suggest which furniture you should decide on!

Upholstered sofa – why is it worth it?

Many people have a strong fondness for leather-like sofas. Indeed, this type of furniture can look very striking and fit in well with classic interior design. However, upholstered sofas also have many advantages that make it worth considering buying them:

  • they are usually cheaper than sofas made of artificial leather,
  • they come in many designs and colours, which can be matched to the interior design,
  • the softness and warmth of fabric upholstery provide peace and relaxation,
  • the fabric of the upholstered sofa is pleasant to the touch regardless of the season – unlike imitation leather or natural leather materials, which are unpleasantly hot in summer and give a cold feeling in winter.

Among the disadvantages of an upholstered sofa is the fact that it requires washing every so often. On the other hand, however, some soiling of the leather-like material can result in discolouration that cannot be cleaned at all. The choice is yours, but as you can see, in our comparison of upholstered and leather sofas, the former definitely wins!

Focus on quality

Upholstered sofas from Surrey Sofas are all about quality workmanship. The upholstery is made of durable materials that guarantee durability during repeated use. Thanks to the possibility of configuration, we can choose furniture with or without a sleeping function for your interior design. By choosing our sofas, you get a quality product in a price range that suits you. Decorative furniture feet made of chromed metal or wood will complete the look of your chosen lounge chair or sofa. In our shop you will find various solutions for your interior.