Upholstered furniture for the living room – these are the hottest hits of the season

This year, modern upholstered furniture that is functional, minimalist and subdued in color, preferably monochromatic, will triumph in living rooms (and lounges). Futuristic motifs are welcome, but also – as in previous years – references to nature. Earthy colors reign supreme, especially browns in various shades. Simple forms, often edgy, and fabrics that are pleasant to the touch are valued. The upholstery should be durable and eco-friendly. Natural and recycled materials lead the way. If leather, only eco. Among sofas, armchairs and pouffes, models on wooden legs come to the fore. Both the sofa set and the independent modern modular corner sofas shy away from the ornamentation characteristic of the glamour style, paying homage to simplicity. They are enlivened by patterned accessories, especially those decorated with geometric patterns.

Take a look at what sofas, pouffes and armchairs from Surrey Sofas offer stand out this year in terms of upholstered furniture.

Sofas and corner sofas – the stars of the living room

Sofas and corner sofas are the center of the living room lounge area. First of all, they must be comfortable. In a living room of smaller size it is better to put a small two-seater sofa, but in a spacious room you can go wild with a larger, more presentable model (or even two!).

Sofa. She is the one who rules here. She is the undisputed queen of any living room. She proudly displays her charms, and her strong personality dominates the room. Who once faced the task of selecting her, knows that it often resembles winning the favor of a capricious princess. Therefore, completing furniture for the living room, it is worth starting with this (un)graceful piece of furniture. In small rooms, a 2 or 3-seater model on simple metal legs will present itself best – they will add optical lightness and will not overwhelm the interior. If you care about additional sleeping space, and this will always come in handy, choose a sofa bed. Unannounced guests will no longer surprise you. In larger living rooms, corner sofas with simple forms are ideal. Forget about grays and beiges! Opt for elegant velour in the color of the night sky or delicate powder pink. Fluffy upholstery will add coziness, and strong colors combined with minimalist design will balance each other perfectly and certainly will not give the impression of exaggeration.

Armchair. It may seem that there is no place for it among modern living room furniture. After all, how is the old-fashioned earlobe supposed to find its way into such a respectable group? Fortunately, there are many models on the market with geometric shapes, ideal for rooms with a cool modern style. Remember that ready-made sofa sets are a song of the past. Complement the sofa with another model of armchair, or at least change the color of its upholstery. You can break the classic sofa gray with a strong accent of green or orange. This is just a modern combination!

Footstools and poufs … so your feet don’t hurt. When your choice of sofas, armchairs and coffee tables is over, still think about a comfortable footstool or pouffe. These charming seats have again been appreciated by interior designers, and the multitude of designs and colors allows you to easily match them to any living room. For the modern one, choose models with smooth surfaces and simple geometric shapes – cylinders and cubes. Here you can also go wild with color, especially if the rest of the seats are kept in muted tones.

Additions. Can modern be cozy? Modern furniture is different, and so are living rooms. Some may resemble a minimalist hermitage, full of glass and concrete, others – elegant apartments straight out of New York skyscrapers. Their cool character and restrained forms do not exclude coziness at all. It can be taken care of at any time. The recipe is simple – accessories: a soft modern carpet in the lounge corner, pillows on the sofa, flowers in a vase, a collage of paintings on the wall… In combination with the subtle light of wall lamps and floor lamps, they will warm up even the most ascetic interior.