Upholstered furniture is ubiquitous. It is hard to find a household without furniture in this style. What is the secret of their popularity? It is difficult to say unequivocally, but upholstered furniture is associated with blissful rest, comfort and convenience for the whole family. Check what upholstered furniture is, what it is made of and which models are always up to date.

Both ready-made furniture and furniture upholstered to measure are able to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of the size of his or her pocket.

What is upholstered furniture?

Before we move to the description of upholstered furniture, we should clearly explain what it is and where we can most often meet it. Upholstered furniture is nothing else than sofas, corner sofas, armchairs and pouffes, in short – lounge furniture. Upholstered furniture is usually the basic equipment of a living room and sometimes a bedroom. Contemporary models come in an unlimited range of models and colors. They easily fit into various types of interiors and create unique arrangements which remain valid for many years.

We already know what upholstered furniture is, but we don’t know where the name comes from. Upholstering furniture has been known for centuries, but the real renaissance of this type of elements continues today. Manufacturers outdo each other in proposals perfectly tailored to customer needs, creating furniture in various styles. Currently there is a great interest in colorful upholstered furniture, thanks to which the space becomes bright, cheerful and modern.

How does upholstered furniture production work?

Upholstered furniture manufacturing is a complex process that requires knowledge of furniture making and modern design. Upholstered furniture usually consists of a wooden frame, soft padding and upholstery. It is the upholstery that defines the style of our furnishings and thanks to it we can properly classify our furniture. What is more, the upholstery of contemporary upholstered furniture is nicely combined with wooden and chrome elements, such as all kinds of legs and handles.

The legs for upholstered furniture are usually very interesting elements made of wood or metal. At the present time, classic wooden legs, which are associated somewhat with the style of previous eras, are very popular. Upholstered furniture modelled on the sixties is a perfect combination of upholstery material pleasant to the touch and wood. A room furnished with this type of sofa or armchair becomes a cozy space, full of elegance and charm.

Materials used for upholstering furniture

If we want to know how the whole process of upholstering furniture goes, we also have to tell ourselves what kind of materials should be used. Here it is worth distinguishing between the materials used inside and what you see on the outside. So let’s start with the filling of the furniture.

Upholstered furniture can be filled with the help of sponge. Here we can choose from upholstery foam, also called polyurethane foam, latex foam, sometimes it can be memory foam, although this one is mainly used in mattresses. Are there differences between each of these? Upholstery foam is found most often and is characterized by high elasticity and the ability to quickly return to its original state. Here we can also bet on high elasticity foam, which has a more granular structure than classic foam.

Upholstered furniture restoration is the perfect way to freshen up old classics

Upholstered furniture restoration is possible. If you own a piece of furniture with an interesting design but it is from a different era, there is no problem making it shine new and fresh again. Renovation is possible and is usually based on re-upholstering the frame. On the one hand, it’s a good way to save it from oblivion, on the other hand, it’s worth looking into retro furniture – it will save you time and money.