Upholstered furniture are products upholstered with elegant material, which have been very popular for many years because of their style and functionality. In order for them to always look good, it is necessary to take proper care of them. Want to know how to take care of upholstered furniture? Read our article!

Upholstered furniture in your interior

This is a popular solution for arranging a living room or bedroom. Upholstered furniture, in addition to its utilitarian function, also combines a decorative function. In order for them to serve us for a long time, we need to properly care for them and take care of their condition. Upholstered furniture care is an important and necessary activity, which largely depends on the type and quality of the material they are upholstered with.

Below you will read about some important factors that you should familiarize yourself with before buying upholstered furniture and before cleaning it for the first time.

Currently in furniture stores we can find a great number of materials with which furniture is upholstered. Each of the fabrics has different specifications and requires proper care, so that the material will remain fresh and shiny as new for a long time.

Making upholstered furniture – how to clean it

The second factor is to know the type of material and how to maintain upholstered furniture. When we use a sofa or chaise longue every day, stains happen. Depending on the material with which the furniture is upholstered, we must act quickly in each case.

When we are dealing with eco-leather we must pay attention not to clean it with a very wet cloth. A gently damp cloth will be a much better solution. We also add gray soap or a special dedicated cleaner for eco-leather to the cleaning. On a daily basis, we will keep the eco-leather upholstered furniture clean with a soft cloth – this is to collect the dust that settles on the furniture. It is also recommended to clean the furniture with special agents once every six months. Avoid chemicals that can contribute to damage and destruction of the furniture. These include, for example, liquid soaps, bleach, solvents or dish liquid.

Furniture upholstered with upholstery fabrics is best cleaned with a special upholstery cleaning cap or a soft natural bristle brush. To help with everyday, delicate dirt, a cloth made of microfiber will work well. When cleaning, avoid alcohol- and solvent-based cleaners.

Furniture upholstered with natural leather should be cleaned on a regular basis. The basis for keeping them clean is frequent vacuuming and regular removal of delicate planes with a damp cloth. On the other hand, once every 6 months it is advisable to fully clean leather upholstery using a soft sponge and special agents designed for cleaning and maintenance of leather upholstered furniture.

How to preserve upholstered furniture

When buying furniture, it is also a good idea to get a special liquid for cleaning dirt from upholstered furniture. These liquids will not only help remove stains from the furniture, but will also preserve the material. The specifics should be tested in an invisible place on the furniture – then we check whether they definitely do not cause discoloration.

An extremely important element that the new owner must check is to determine the specific material from which the new upholstered furniture is made. Then choose the care for the material and take care of the new articles of furniture in your apartment. They will return the favor by hosting you in their soft cushions for years to come.