Sofas, armchairs and corner sofas are not only the furniture around which life at home revolves, but also the furniture that tends to get all the attention: it is them that we first look at when we enter a room and it is them that we usually direct our steps towards. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right model and color that will harmonize with the rest of the space. We will tell you which upholstery furniture colors are dominant this year, and how to match them to your interior.

Matching upholstery to the living room interior

The color of the upholstery should match not only the wood elements found in the sofa, but also the floor and other furniture. It is worth paying attention to them when buying a new object for the living room. Thanks to this, the whole will look coherent. To match the color of upholstery to the floor or wooden furniture such as upholstered chairs, you should follow similar rules as when choosing the color of wooden elements of the sofa. The whole room can be decorated in light colors, which work well in practically all living rooms. On the other hand, dark shades of wood and upholstery are a good choice only for spacious rooms.

Recently, gray color has become very fashionable. It goes with many different colors, which makes it easy to combine with many elements. It is a great choice for the living room, because it shows elegance and a sense of good style. To emphasize elegance and modernity it is worth to combine gray with white. You can also add to this combination black or other colors. Grey goes well with pastel colors.

Color harmony – what does it mean?

When arranging an interior, many elements have to be taken into account, and colors have a special meaning. You may not realize how much they influence your mood. There is even a special field that deals with how they can affect your well-being – color therapy, also called chromotherapy. If you want to create harmonious interiors, you need to pay attention to matching colors of walls, furniture, fabrics, accessories. Of course, this does not mean that you can only combine in the arrangement of colors belonging to the same groups, for example, pastels, but you need to demonstrate great sensitivity. One of the most important rules also says not to put in the interior too many different colors. This will create the impression of chaos, which is the complete opposite of the harmony you want.

Shades of wood and fabrics – choose trendy or timeless?

Completing the equipment for your home, you will certainly notice that on the market you can find products both classic and modern, referring to current trends. What to decide on? This is largely a matter of your individual preferences, but remember that hot hits sometimes go out of fashion as quickly as they appeared in it. If you don’t want to replace a sofa or a set of table and chairs every two years, go for the classics. You’ll find plenty of them in our store, but of course there’s also plenty for followers of the latest trends.

Choosing shades of wood is relatively easy because the number of color versions is limited by the types of raw material. Unless we are talking about lacquered furniture, however, such treatment is rarely used, because manufacturers usually do not want to suppress the natural beauty of the material. It is different when it comes to upholstered products. Ares Furniture has dozens of proposals for you. We use upholstery fabrics for chairs, sofas and armchairs in various colors – subtle and saturated, as well as in various patterns.

How to combine wooden and upholstered furniture?

Wood and fabric is always a good combination, whether in case of traditional or modern arrangements. But how to combine wooden and upholstered furniture? Contrary to appearances, it does not require much knowledge of the art of arrangement. Above all, moderation is important – if you choose extravagant colors of furniture, bet on upholstery in muted shades and patterns, and preferably do without the latter. When you choose classic wood, you can go crazy with the upholstery.

Have you already found some inspiration for yourself? Go shopping!

You’ll find upholstered sofas in different colors and patterns. Remember that you can always ask about the service of making your chosen piece of furniture with upholstery fabric different from the original design. Contact us and we will help you choose the perfect products for your interior!