We produce bespoke furniture for individual and commercial clients

Our upholstered furniture is made to order, tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Classic English shapes with fabrics exceptionally pleasant to touch and resistant to abrasion. We invite you to get acquainted with Surrey Sofas offer. Each piece of furniture can be made to measure according to your preferences. We have been selling original and unique models of upholstered furniture, such as chairs, bar chairs, armchairs, classic armchairs, Chesterfield armchairs, sofas, benches, pouffes and corners for many years. We choose fabrics and unique accessories with great care, paying special attention to quality and fashionable design.

The upholstered furniture we offer you is ideal for flats, houses, bars, cafes, offices and as gifts for loved ones.

Living room elegance and luxury in our home. Sofas or comfortable armchairs are a must-have for any room decorated in classic or glamour style. In combination with chairs they complete every interior. Well-chosen colours of fabrics complement and add variety to the arrangement. Sofas, armchairs and other upholstered furniture are solids of characteristic appearance and wherever they appear they always reign.

Furniture especially for you. Let us show you what we have for you!

We assume that when decorating a flat or changing the furniture, you want to individually design the rooms and arrange them according to the age and taste of the occupants. Surrey Sofas is a hit because we offer furniture that is trendy and modern, classic and elegant, dark and light, as well as youth and children’s furniture. We can help you complete upholstered furniture for every member of the family – satisfaction guaranteed. You do not have to take our word for it – see for yourself!

Upholstered furniture, occupying a central place in our assortment. Our leather corner sofas, bedroom beds and lounge armchairs are distinguished by their unique ornamentation, which perfectly matches both modern and classical design. It is also worth paying attention to the equipment offered by us, ideal for a hotel or restaurant. We recommend, among other things, stylish bar chairs and extremely comfortable hockers, as well as unusual armchairs, which are an original complement to almost any space.

We offer upholstered furniture to order, which means that the customer can freely change individual parameters and thus perfectly adjust the size of the product to their living room. This makes our corner sofas look great not only in spacious detached houses, but also in small flats in blocks of flats.

The upholstery is available in a variety of patterns and colours. With such a wide choice, you can buy furniture that will perfectly complement the rest of your furnishings. Importantly, all our furniture is also very comfortable in everyday use. We take care of it already at the design stage, choosing comfortable systems of unfolding corner sofas, as well as using the highest quality materials during production.