Are you looking to create a unique custom piece of furniture for that special space? We offer custom furniture made in Surrey. We can create sofas, chairs, ottomans, headboards and beds. We will work with you to create custom furniture that perfectly fits your space! Please see the gallery for a few examples of our custom furniture.

What we offfer?

Customized consultation to understand your vision for your custom furniture. Appropriate options presented to you for consideration to suit your style and preferences (et. metal or wood legs, stain colour and fabric). Ongoing consideration for the durability and usage to find you the most sustainable products for lasting quality and protection

Upgrade your home with custom upholstery and furniture

There is a much greater selection when you select custom furniture. Upholstery is a perfect example. We are able to select any fabric in the world and make that your sofa. Custom upholstery to us is well worth its weight in gold, because of its quality and uniqueness. Having custom furniture made by Surrey Sofas, you know that it is solidly built and will last a lifetime. If you select a timeless style the extra cost of going custom is completely worth it.

Additionally, if the piece of furniture is good quality and custom made, you have the ability to recover it repeatedly, if you feel you style has changed without worrying about the stability of the piece. When you shop in a store for furniture you will find a lot of great pieces of furniture and more often than not you are able to purchase and pick up your furniture essentially the date of purchase. Most stores have furniture always in stock and ready to go. If you are on a tight timeline this is the recommended way to go.

However, when you purchase store bought furniture, the likelihood of seeing someone else’s home with the same furniture is higher. By going with custom furniture, every piece is unique. As an example you can select a sofa to be particular height, width, and design to fit your specific space. If you are downsizing or have a peculiar shaped space, custom furniture is very beneficial.