For over ten years we’ve delivered commercial upholstery for clients who demand exceptional fit and finish. We are specialists in bench seats, banquettes, acoustic panels and custom furniture. Commercial projects are typically delivered in conjunction with shop fitters and architects, and can be certified to various commercial and environmental standards.

We have restored many furniture items over the years. Click to view our upholstery restoration gallery for both domestic and commercial.

Good quality furniture can bring a sense of warmth and style into your commercial space. There are so many reasons to re-upholster/upholster a piece of furniture. Whether it is because the piece is unique or you want to improve the overall aesthetics and comfort to fit your office. Surrey Sofas can help you with all of your upholstery needs. Rejuvenate your furniture and create that one-of-a-kind piece that will turn heads.

If you want to transform even cheaply bought furniture to look like it was made for royalty, then here’s what you need to look for in a commercial upholstery service:

  • Skills – any upholstery service you should opt for requires some high level of skills to be able to deliver precise and timely work that is worth every dime spent.
  • Flair – upholstery is more than just a technical skill – it is an art form, and a good upholsterer requires a keen eye for what designs look good in relation to your overall décor and aesthetics, if they are to pull off the perfect look for your home or office.
  • Tools – any upholsterer worth your time and money should have all the necessary tools needed to perform an assortment of jobs, and that can accomplish a variety of different stylistic techniques. This ensures that they take their work seriously and aim to deliver only the best.

So, if you are looking for a great place to have your furniture upholstered or repaired, then look no farther than Surrey Sofas, is the right place for you!