We produce bespoke furniture for individual and commercial clients

Our upholstered furniture is made to order, tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Classic English shapes with fabrics exceptionally pleasant to touch and resistant to abrasion. We invite you to get acquainted with Surrey Sofas offer. Each piece of furniture can be made to measure according to your preferences. We have been selling original and unique models of upholstered furniture, such as chairs, bar chairs, armchairs, classic armchairs, Chesterfield armchairs, sofas, benches, pouffes and corners for many years. We choose fabrics and unique accessories with great care, paying special attention to quality and fashionable design.

The upholstered furniture we offer you is ideal for flats, houses, bars, cafes, offices and as gifts for loved ones.

Living room elegance and luxury in our home. Sofas or comfortable armchairs are a must-have for any room decorated in classic or glamour style. In combination with chairs they complete every interior. Well-chosen colours of fabrics complement and add variety to the arrangement. Sofas, armchairs and other upholstered furniture are solids of characteristic appearance and wherever they appear they always reign.

Furniture especially for you. Let us show you what we have for you!

We assume that when decorating a flat or changing the furniture, you want to individually design the rooms and arrange them according to the age and taste of the occupants. Surrey Sofas is a hit because we offer furniture that is trendy and modern, classic and elegant, dark and light, as well as youth and children’s furniture. We can help you complete upholstered furniture for every member of the family – satisfaction guaranteed. You do not have to take our word for it – see for yourself!

Upholstered furniture, occupying a central place in our assortment. Our leather corner sofas, bedroom beds and lounge armchairs are distinguished by their unique ornamentation, which perfectly matches both modern and classical design. It is also worth paying attention to the equipment offered by us, ideal for a hotel or restaurant. We recommend, among other things, stylish bar chairs and extremely comfortable hockers, as well as unusual armchairs, which are an original complement to almost any space.

We offer upholstered furniture to order, which means that the customer can freely change individual parameters and thus perfectly adjust the size of the product to their living room. This makes our corner sofas look great not only in spacious detached houses, but also in small flats in blocks of flats.

The upholstery is available in a variety of patterns and colours. With such a wide choice, you can buy furniture that will perfectly complement the rest of your furnishings. Importantly, all our furniture is also very comfortable in everyday use. We take care of it already at the design stage, choosing comfortable systems of unfolding corner sofas, as well as using the highest quality materials during production.

Sofas, armchairs and corner sofas are not only the furniture around which life at home revolves, but also the furniture that tends to get all the attention: it is them that we first look at when we enter a room and it is them that we usually direct our steps towards. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right model and color that will harmonize with the rest of the space. We will tell you which upholstery furniture colors are dominant this year, and how to match them to your interior.

Matching upholstery to the living room interior

The color of the upholstery should match not only the wood elements found in the sofa, but also the floor and other furniture. It is worth paying attention to them when buying a new object for the living room. Thanks to this, the whole will look coherent. To match the color of upholstery to the floor or wooden furniture such as upholstered chairs, you should follow similar rules as when choosing the color of wooden elements of the sofa. The whole room can be decorated in light colors, which work well in practically all living rooms. On the other hand, dark shades of wood and upholstery are a good choice only for spacious rooms.

Recently, gray color has become very fashionable. It goes with many different colors, which makes it easy to combine with many elements. It is a great choice for the living room, because it shows elegance and a sense of good style. To emphasize elegance and modernity it is worth to combine gray with white. You can also add to this combination black or other colors. Grey goes well with pastel colors.

Color harmony – what does it mean?

When arranging an interior, many elements have to be taken into account, and colors have a special meaning. You may not realize how much they influence your mood. There is even a special field that deals with how they can affect your well-being – color therapy, also called chromotherapy. If you want to create harmonious interiors, you need to pay attention to matching colors of walls, furniture, fabrics, accessories. Of course, this does not mean that you can only combine in the arrangement of colors belonging to the same groups, for example, pastels, but you need to demonstrate great sensitivity. One of the most important rules also says not to put in the interior too many different colors. This will create the impression of chaos, which is the complete opposite of the harmony you want.

Shades of wood and fabrics – choose trendy or timeless?

Completing the equipment for your home, you will certainly notice that on the market you can find products both classic and modern, referring to current trends. What to decide on? This is largely a matter of your individual preferences, but remember that hot hits sometimes go out of fashion as quickly as they appeared in it. If you don’t want to replace a sofa or a set of table and chairs every two years, go for the classics. You’ll find plenty of them in our store, but of course there’s also plenty for followers of the latest trends.

Choosing shades of wood is relatively easy because the number of color versions is limited by the types of raw material. Unless we are talking about lacquered furniture, however, such treatment is rarely used, because manufacturers usually do not want to suppress the natural beauty of the material. It is different when it comes to upholstered products. Ares Furniture has dozens of proposals for you. We use upholstery fabrics for chairs, sofas and armchairs in various colors – subtle and saturated, as well as in various patterns.

How to combine wooden and upholstered furniture?

Wood and fabric is always a good combination, whether in case of traditional or modern arrangements. But how to combine wooden and upholstered furniture? Contrary to appearances, it does not require much knowledge of the art of arrangement. Above all, moderation is important – if you choose extravagant colors of furniture, bet on upholstery in muted shades and patterns, and preferably do without the latter. When you choose classic wood, you can go crazy with the upholstery.

Have you already found some inspiration for yourself? Go shopping!

You’ll find upholstered sofas in different colors and patterns. Remember that you can always ask about the service of making your chosen piece of furniture with upholstery fabric different from the original design. Contact us and we will help you choose the perfect products for your interior!

Upholstered furniture is ubiquitous. It is hard to find a household without furniture in this style. What is the secret of their popularity? It is difficult to say unequivocally, but upholstered furniture is associated with blissful rest, comfort and convenience for the whole family. Check what upholstered furniture is, what it is made of and which models are always up to date.

Both ready-made furniture and furniture upholstered to measure are able to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of the size of his or her pocket.

What is upholstered furniture?

Before we move to the description of upholstered furniture, we should clearly explain what it is and where we can most often meet it. Upholstered furniture is nothing else than sofas, corner sofas, armchairs and pouffes, in short – lounge furniture. Upholstered furniture is usually the basic equipment of a living room and sometimes a bedroom. Contemporary models come in an unlimited range of models and colors. They easily fit into various types of interiors and create unique arrangements which remain valid for many years.

We already know what upholstered furniture is, but we don’t know where the name comes from. Upholstering furniture has been known for centuries, but the real renaissance of this type of elements continues today. Manufacturers outdo each other in proposals perfectly tailored to customer needs, creating furniture in various styles. Currently there is a great interest in colorful upholstered furniture, thanks to which the space becomes bright, cheerful and modern.

How does upholstered furniture production work?

Upholstered furniture manufacturing is a complex process that requires knowledge of furniture making and modern design. Upholstered furniture usually consists of a wooden frame, soft padding and upholstery. It is the upholstery that defines the style of our furnishings and thanks to it we can properly classify our furniture. What is more, the upholstery of contemporary upholstered furniture is nicely combined with wooden and chrome elements, such as all kinds of legs and handles.

The legs for upholstered furniture are usually very interesting elements made of wood or metal. At the present time, classic wooden legs, which are associated somewhat with the style of previous eras, are very popular. Upholstered furniture modelled on the sixties is a perfect combination of upholstery material pleasant to the touch and wood. A room furnished with this type of sofa or armchair becomes a cozy space, full of elegance and charm.

Materials used for upholstering furniture

If we want to know how the whole process of upholstering furniture goes, we also have to tell ourselves what kind of materials should be used. Here it is worth distinguishing between the materials used inside and what you see on the outside. So let’s start with the filling of the furniture.

Upholstered furniture can be filled with the help of sponge. Here we can choose from upholstery foam, also called polyurethane foam, latex foam, sometimes it can be memory foam, although this one is mainly used in mattresses. Are there differences between each of these? Upholstery foam is found most often and is characterized by high elasticity and the ability to quickly return to its original state. Here we can also bet on high elasticity foam, which has a more granular structure than classic foam.

Upholstered furniture restoration is the perfect way to freshen up old classics

Upholstered furniture restoration is possible. If you own a piece of furniture with an interesting design but it is from a different era, there is no problem making it shine new and fresh again. Renovation is possible and is usually based on re-upholstering the frame. On the one hand, it’s a good way to save it from oblivion, on the other hand, it’s worth looking into retro furniture – it will save you time and money.


For over ten years we’ve delivered commercial upholstery for clients who demand exceptional fit and finish. We are specialists in bench seats, banquettes, acoustic panels and custom furniture. Commercial projects are typically delivered in conjunction with shop fitters and architects, and can be certified to various commercial and environmental standards.

We have restored many furniture items over the years. Click to view our upholstery restoration gallery for both domestic and commercial.

Good quality furniture can bring a sense of warmth and style into your commercial space. There are so many reasons to re-upholster/upholster a piece of furniture. Whether it is because the piece is unique or you want to improve the overall aesthetics and comfort to fit your office. Surrey Sofas can help you with all of your upholstery needs. Rejuvenate your furniture and create that one-of-a-kind piece that will turn heads.

If you want to transform even cheaply bought furniture to look like it was made for royalty, then here’s what you need to look for in a commercial upholstery service:

  • Skills – any upholstery service you should opt for requires some high level of skills to be able to deliver precise and timely work that is worth every dime spent.
  • Flair – upholstery is more than just a technical skill – it is an art form, and a good upholsterer requires a keen eye for what designs look good in relation to your overall décor and aesthetics, if they are to pull off the perfect look for your home or office.
  • Tools – any upholsterer worth your time and money should have all the necessary tools needed to perform an assortment of jobs, and that can accomplish a variety of different stylistic techniques. This ensures that they take their work seriously and aim to deliver only the best.

So, if you are looking for a great place to have your furniture upholstered or repaired, then look no farther than Surrey Sofas, is the right place for you!

Are you looking to create a unique custom piece of furniture for that special space? We offer custom furniture made in Surrey. We can create sofas, chairs, ottomans, headboards and beds. We will work with you to create custom furniture that perfectly fits your space! Please see the gallery for a few examples of our custom furniture.

What we offfer?

Customized consultation to understand your vision for your custom furniture. Appropriate options presented to you for consideration to suit your style and preferences (et. metal or wood legs, stain colour and fabric). Ongoing consideration for the durability and usage to find you the most sustainable products for lasting quality and protection

Upgrade your home with custom upholstery and furniture

There is a much greater selection when you select custom furniture. Upholstery is a perfect example. We are able to select any fabric in the world and make that your sofa. Custom upholstery to us is well worth its weight in gold, because of its quality and uniqueness. Having custom furniture made by Surrey Sofas, you know that it is solidly built and will last a lifetime. If you select a timeless style the extra cost of going custom is completely worth it.

Additionally, if the piece of furniture is good quality and custom made, you have the ability to recover it repeatedly, if you feel you style has changed without worrying about the stability of the piece. When you shop in a store for furniture you will find a lot of great pieces of furniture and more often than not you are able to purchase and pick up your furniture essentially the date of purchase. Most stores have furniture always in stock and ready to go. If you are on a tight timeline this is the recommended way to go.

However, when you purchase store bought furniture, the likelihood of seeing someone else’s home with the same furniture is higher. By going with custom furniture, every piece is unique. As an example you can select a sofa to be particular height, width, and design to fit your specific space. If you are downsizing or have a peculiar shaped space, custom furniture is very beneficial.

To upholstery or not to upholstery? Indeed, this is a question that you have to answer every few years, especially if you own a home in Surrey. Upholstering furniture and buying new ones can be a difficult challenge. The sentimental value and value of the furniture play a huge role in your decision making. To give you peace of mind, we at Surrey Sofas will be more than happy to help you figure it out.

If you’re from Surrey, you may already be familiar with our well-established, highly sought-after service in Surrey Sofas. Our skilled craftsmen have won numerous awards and are known in the industry as one of the best furniture craftsmen in the world. We pride ourselves on the fact that our hometown of Surrey is able to provide such a high-quality service – from interior to exterior furniture, from custom textiles to window treatments, from flooring to carpet restoration. We understand your concern. We get what you need and want. Let us do the work for you and we guarantee in writing that you will never be dissatisfied.

What’s happening to upholstery in Surrey, California? Is spring in that comfy sofa you love to curl on now poking your ass? Or is it your favorite sofa that you don’t want to get rid of? So what are you gonna do? If the once shiny fabric of your sofa’s upholstery is now torn and stained, we’ve got you covered. I bet you wouldn’t have thrown away a chair given to you by a loved one. Even if all the linings are worn, you won’t just let it go. And no amount of shiny, new chairs can replace this unique one. What if it’s your favorite print that you just don’t want to throw away? What now?

Isn’t it better to just buy new stuff and get rid of the old one? When it comes to money or quality, custom upholstery is the right solution for both fronts. Custom upholstery, when done correctly, is new as we completely disassemble the furniture and rebuild it anew using the highest quality materials with the best craftsmanship available.

Buying custom upholstery is a lot of fun! You can choose from one of a million fabrics available in the world. You can custom-design your existing furniture to be exactly how you always wanted furniture of your dreams. We can add, change, modify or remove anything extra for a small or free fee, because when we upholstery your furniture, we take it apart completely and rebuild it as you like. It’s fun and exciting, especially when you see the fruits of working with the world’s most talented designers.

The upholstery retains the sentimental and real value of the furniture. You can’t get rid of a sofa just because it’s dirty or it’s falling apart. All you need to do is call a reliable and trusted upholstery provider who will fix it for you. For Surrey residents, Surrey Sofas is quality you can trust. Yes, we can add, change, modify or delete anything on existing furniture to give it an updated look that has many new furniture designs on the market today. The re-upholstery of furniture in Surrey – by a proven company like us – is easier on the pocket. You can also reach your end goal effortlessly.

The furniture of the past is solid and has a classic look. If you have it, I can understand why you want to keep the quality of your furniture. Old copies are timeless. With a little help from us, we can bring them back to life so that you and the next generation can continue to use and enjoy them. There are very talented people in our world and with those who can upholstery I’m happy, but most don’t recommend DIY upholstery projects because if you don’t have the skills; 1) You can do more damage than good, and 2) there is a lot of machinery and equipment involved, and if you don’t have the skills you can hurt yourself, and 3) the cost of individually purchasing all consumables, tools, machinery and equipment for a specific project is not profitable. We work on a larger economy of scale, which allows us to provide extremely competitive prices. If you see that your furniture needs to be ‘rescued’, ask for help. Call us.

As for upholstery, the best option is to seek professional help. We are your furniture makers – experts who will make sure that your things are carefully and beautifully treated. We throw in some great suggestions here and there. With Surrey Sofas you can expect first-class service with first-class care and attention. Our skilled craftsmen are connoisseurs in this field and have extensive experience in working with furniture. By removing worn springs and ribbons, replacing torn or stained fabrics, restoring dull and scratched materials, we professionally renovate your furniture. Our designers are trained to provide our customers have the best customer service in the world.

Let us do the work for you!

Furniture upholstery is a fantastic way to give old, sentimental furniture a completely new look. If the upholstery of your precious bed or sofa is discolored or frayed, you don’t need to get rid of it. Just contact us – Surrey Sofas – and tell us if you want to replace an old similar option or give it a fresh look with a different style or fabric. Give us a call and let us know what you need. We don’t just focus on sofas, tables and dining chairs. We also deal with headboards, pouffes and sections. In fact, if you want to renovate your outdoor furniture, we can do that as well!

Our good reputation in LA is the needle of how we work. We win loyal customers because we have the best employees for the job. Our craftsmen are trained in the art of furniture. Each member of our team is able to handle what you need. We also have excellent customer service so feel free to ask us anything. Another great thing about Surrey Sofas is that we not only provide upholstery services for LA homes. We also do commercial projects around Surrey. This means we can give your office or restaurant a look that screams “new, new and new!” Think about it – your business will benefit from a project that is an investment and pleasing to the eye.

This is your conversation from start to finish. Do not hesitate to tell us how you envision your upholstered furniture. We will not disappoint you as we are an honest group of employees. If what you want is impossible to do – we tell you in advance. But we still won’t let you down as we’ll bring you some great ideas and alternatives for you to choose from. Still undecided whether you can afford our services? Do not worry. We also offer free quotes! We will not insist that you do business with us. We will only show you how our service is the best you can have. With our free quotes, you can easily decide how to tailor the service to your budget. We also offer other services such as window treatments that include custom curtains, shades and blinds. We are also a licensed carpet and flooring contractor. We even make custom-made furniture!

Together we can achieve the look, style and feel you want to achieve. Surrey Sofas furniture is your studio. You will experience first-class customer service from all of us. We are the best you can reach for your residential or commercial upholstery needs. In one home and office, we create world-class residences and buildings in Surrey. Get the upholstery service you need without breaking the bank. We’d love to hear from you. Call us today. You can also send us an email to info@surreysofas.com. Either way you will get a quick reply.

Don’t let your furniture embarrass you. Give us a call so we can have a free in-house consultation. Pick up the phone now.

Maybe you got a sofa you love from someone and want to keep it, but it’s not the right design or pattern. Perhaps you have a nice looking headboard that is now frayed. Upholstery is a great way to revive old furniture and transform it into a completely new one. If you live in Surrey and need the best upholstery supplier in United Kingdom, Surrey Sofas Upholstery is at your service.

A professional, experienced and recognized local upholstery company – such as Surrey Sofas – can breathe new life into your aging or dilapidated furniture. As the oldest bespoke upholstery store in Surrey, our team combines many years of experience and expertise to deal with any form of furniture repair you need.

We are the best Upholstery supplier in Surrey because we are a group of creative and customer friendly artisans. Our experienced craftsmen are skilled in delivering custom-made furniture. We not only rely on our shared experience, but also make sure we are up to date with the ins and outs of our industry, so we can provide all ranges of design – from classic to contemporary, from vintage to futuristic.

As a furniture repair supplier in Surrey, we are professional in dealing with high value furniture such as antiques. We make sure that every line, nook and corner of the element is well kept with proper care and care. We are able to professionally refurbish antiques with the same skills and knowledge that we use when carrying out modern repairs.

As the leading supplier of upholstery services in Surrey, we always try to prioritize our customers’ needs. I assure you that we not only deliver the best performance, but also value and support customer service and support. If you have difficulties deciding on a specific project or find it difficult to choose the right fabric, we are happy to share our knowledge to help you make an informed decision. You can count on us to help you identify what you want, so you will receive products that reflect your personality (home) or vision (business).

The standards that Surrey Sofas maintain means that all Surrey upholstery exceeds the standards of any other factory-produced furniture. If you have well-crafted furniture with solid structures, you can save a small fortune over time by replacing it again when a part is damaged or the material becomes old. Some people believe that if a single piece of furniture breaks, everything needs to be replaced. But if you choose Surrey Sofas, repairing the damaged component means keeping the kit together to the highest standard and condition possible.

When buying completely new furniture today, you will be misled by sophisticated external elements that hide cheap, mass-produced elements. A set of furniture may look great in the living room, but it will not stand the test of time.

Hiring an upholstery service is a practical, cost-effective and intelligent alternative. You wouldn’t want to throw away a good quality item just because it’s dirty or needs a good renovation, right? All you have to do is call Surrey Sofas and we’ll take that burden off your shoulder. We will help you keep the sentimental value while updating your home interior. We are also a one-stop shop because we provide various types of furniture services. We make upholstery and retaining upholstery, draperies and window curtains, carpets and floors, and custom-made furniture.