Maybe you got a sofa you love from someone and want to keep it, but it’s not the right design or pattern. Perhaps you have a nice looking headboard that is now frayed. Upholstery is a great way to revive old furniture and transform it into a completely new one. If you live in Surrey and need the best upholstery supplier in United Kingdom, Surrey Sofas Upholstery is at your service.

A professional, experienced and recognized local upholstery company – such as Surrey Sofas – can breathe new life into your aging or dilapidated furniture. As the oldest bespoke upholstery store in Surrey, our team combines many years of experience and expertise to deal with any form of furniture repair you need.

We are the best Upholstery supplier in Surrey because we are a group of creative and customer friendly artisans. Our experienced craftsmen are skilled in delivering custom-made furniture. We not only rely on our shared experience, but also make sure we are up to date with the ins and outs of our industry, so we can provide all ranges of design – from classic to contemporary, from vintage to futuristic.

As a furniture repair supplier in Surrey, we are professional in dealing with high value furniture such as antiques. We make sure that every line, nook and corner of the element is well kept with proper care and care. We are able to professionally refurbish antiques with the same skills and knowledge that we use when carrying out modern repairs.

As the leading supplier of upholstery services in Surrey, we always try to prioritize our customers’ needs. I assure you that we not only deliver the best performance, but also value and support customer service and support. If you have difficulties deciding on a specific project or find it difficult to choose the right fabric, we are happy to share our knowledge to help you make an informed decision. You can count on us to help you identify what you want, so you will receive products that reflect your personality (home) or vision (business).

The standards that Surrey Sofas maintain means that all Surrey upholstery exceeds the standards of any other factory-produced furniture. If you have well-crafted furniture with solid structures, you can save a small fortune over time by replacing it again when a part is damaged or the material becomes old. Some people believe that if a single piece of furniture breaks, everything needs to be replaced. But if you choose Surrey Sofas, repairing the damaged component means keeping the kit together to the highest standard and condition possible.

When buying completely new furniture today, you will be misled by sophisticated external elements that hide cheap, mass-produced elements. A set of furniture may look great in the living room, but it will not stand the test of time.

Hiring an upholstery service is a practical, cost-effective and intelligent alternative. You wouldn’t want to throw away a good quality item just because it’s dirty or needs a good renovation, right? All you have to do is call Surrey Sofas and we’ll take that burden off your shoulder. We will help you keep the sentimental value while updating your home interior. We are also a one-stop shop because we provide various types of furniture services. We make upholstery and retaining upholstery, draperies and window curtains, carpets and floors, and custom-made furniture.