Tired of the daily running, daily work? Do you have a lot of activities and would like to rest comfortably during the night to gather energy to start the next day? Whatever the reason, everyone wants to sleep soundly and healthily to enjoy a positive start to each morning and reach for more. Such a start is provided by upholstered beds. In our catalog you will find a variety of models that combine the desired comfort along with an amazing and original design. Your bedroom will become a place you’ll want to return to every evening and you’ll be happy to lie down on a bed that fits your needs. Forget about sleepless nights! Start enjoying life with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Advantages of upholstered beds

Upholstered bedroom beds, including the continental model, are some of the most popular bedroom furniture. And to what do they owe their popularity? What are the main advantages of such beds?

  • High sleeping comfort.
  • Rich choice of upholstery fabric, color and texture.
  • A large, comfortable headrest, which most upholstered bedroom beds are equipped with, provides comfort when reading or watching movies before bedtime. In addition, it protects the wall from dirt.
  • The soft upholstery of the bed is safe for children and seniors, in whom any hard impact could cause bruises.
  • Most upholstered beds have additional amenities, such as a container for storing bedding or pull-out drawers. Such an upholstered bed with a storage bin is a great way to economize a small bedroom.

The advantages of upholstered beds are not limited to either appearance-related perks or pure functionality. Upholstered bed is the quintessence of the best features of sleeping furniture:

  • Aesthetics – large, beautifully quilted box sides and impressive headboard make the upholstered bed look majestic and can be a decoration of any bedroom,
  • Bedding container – a spacious bedding container is a great place to store other items as well, such as tablecloths, plaids, children’s toys or Christmas tree decorations,
  • Sleep comfort – the quality of sleep in an upholstered bed is determined by high-quality spring (pocket) mattresses, but also the size of the bed and the height of the furniture, which makes it very easy to get into bed and get up in the morning,
  • Personalization potential – you can freely choose colors, patterns or textures of upholstery fabrics and thus perfectly match the bed to the decor and style of the bedroom,
  • Spacious headboards – headboards are very comfortable, extremely aesthetic, and also protect the wall behind the bed from dirt,
  • Soft upholstery – all parts of the bed are covered with fabric and a layer of soft filler underneath, which effectively protect against accidental injuries,
  • Price – upholstered beds are distinguished from other sleeping furniture by an excellent relation of aesthetics and quality of workmanship to price.

Do upholstered beds have drawbacks?

Upholstered beds, like everything, also have some disadvantages. Among those most often mentioned is the difficulty of keeping some upholstery fabrics clean. Upholstered beds will also not work if you have pets at home, such as cats or dogs that like to scratch such furniture. Nor are these models recommended for allergy sufferers. On the other hand, the most frequently mentioned disadvantages of upholstered continental beds include their height (too high for some) and rather large size, which, however, is also often considered an advantage of such furniture.